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5 Ways to prevent fogged up car windows

5 Manieren om beslagen autoruiten te voorkomen
It's early, dark and cold, you get into your truck (or car) and soon enough you discover that all the car windows are fogged up. That too! Fortunately, there are several solutions to prevent condensation on your windows. In this article we look at the reason why your windows fog up and what you can do about it.

The reason behind fogged up car windows

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air in your car comes into contact with the cold glass of the car windows. This especially happens when it is cold outside and the temperature inside the car is higher.

The two main things that contribute to condensation are temperature differences and humidity. When it's cold outside and warm inside, you have the perfect conditions for condensation. And the more humid the air in your car, the more condensation you will see.

So, if your car windows fog up, it's just nature doing its thing: warm, moist air coming into contact with cold glass.

5 tips against fogged up car windows

From simple tricks to useful products, these tips will help you keep your car windows clear no matter the weather! This way you don't have to wait until the visibility improves and you can get on the road straight away.

  1. Make sure your windows are clean: Dirt and grease can promote the formation of condensation, regular cleaning helps to prevent this! The glass cleaner from Truckssupply easily removes grease, nicotine and other deposits. A must-have!
  2. Use anti-condensation spray : Use a good anti-condensation spray. An anti-condensation spray ensures that the formation of condensation on your windows is reduced!
  3. Let fresh air in: Ensure sufficient ventilation in your car by opening the windows occasionally. This allows moist air to escape and the air inside the car is refreshed.
  4. Control humidity : Use a dehumidifier or turn on the air conditioning to reduce the humidity in your car. Dry air is less likely to cause condensation on car windows.
  5. Use a moisture-absorbing bag : Place moisture-absorbing bags, such as bags of silica gel or moisture-absorbing granules, in your car to absorb excess moisture and reduce condensation.


Condensation occurs when warm, moist air in your car comes into contact with the cold glass of the car windows, especially in cold and damp conditions. Fortunately, there are some measures that can prevent fogged up car windows! In brief:

  • Keep your car windows clean with Glass Cleaner.
  • Use an anti-fog spray.
  • Provide ventilation by opening windows occasionally.
  • Control the humidity by turning on your air conditioner.
  • Place moisture-absorbing bags in your car.