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Cleaning truck

Keep your truck in top condition with our specialist exterior cleaners. Perfect for a professional look and long-lasting protection!

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Cleaning a truck is an important task for every truck driver. Not only does it provide a professional appearance to your vehicle, but it also helps maintain the quality and longevity of your truck. At Truckssupply we understand the importance of a well-maintained truck, which is why we offer a wide range of exterior cleaners specifically designed for cleaning trucks.

One of our most popular products is the Truck Shampoo. This powerful cleaning agent has been specially developed to remove stubborn dirt and other debris from your truck. It is safe for all surfaces of your truck, including the paint, chrome and rubber. With the Truck Shampoo you can rest assured that your truck will be thoroughly cleaned without damaging the surfaces.

After cleaning your truck, it is important to polish it to protect the paint and ensure a nice shine. Our Truckssupply Fast Wax is the ideal solution for this. This high-quality polish is easy to apply and protects your truck against harmful elements such as UV radiation and rain. In addition, it provides a deep, long-lasting shine to your vehicle.

Truckssupply's fast wax

Clean your truck yourself

Before you start cleaning your truck, it's important to know what products you need and how to use them. At Truckssupply we offer a range of products specially designed for cleaning and polishing trucks. For example, our Truck Wash is a powerful cleaning agent that can remove stubborn dirt, grease and other debris from your truck. We also offer a wide range of microfiber cloths, sponges and brushes that are safe for the surfaces of your truck and prevent scratches.

Metal Polish

Tank polishing truck

Polishing your truck's tank is an important part of the maintenance process. Not only does a polished tank add to the overall appearance of your vehicle, but it can also provide protection against corrosion and damage. At Truckssupply we understand the importance of a well-maintained truck and offer products specifically designed for polishing your truck's tank.

Before you start polishing the tank, it is important to make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned. Use our Truckssupply Metal Polish to remove dirt, grease and other contaminants from the surface of the tank. After the tank is clean, you can apply the polishing compound evenly to the surface of the tank and then polish with a soft cloth or polishing pad in circular motions. Repeat these steps until the desired shine is achieved.

Have your truck polished

A company calling card and an office on wheels, a truck is much more than just a means of transport. This also includes the right appearance. We are happy to help you clean and polish your car. We can also thoroughly clean the cabin for you. In short, for a thoroughly cleaned truck you have come to the right place at Truckssupply. Let us help you make your truck shine again.


  • Basic package €800

    Our basic service is ideal for those who want to give their truck a fresh and clean look.

    • To wash
    • Clay
    • To dry
    • 1-step polishing
    • Lacquer sealant
  • Premium Package - €1000

    A step further than our basic package. This treatment adds extra depth and shine to your paint, making your truck look brand new.

    • To wash
    • Clay
    • To dry
    • 2-step polishing
    • Lacquer sealant
    • Waxing wheels
  • Exclusive Package - €2250

    The ultimate pampering package for your truck. This treatment leaves absolutely nothing behind and gives your truck the showroom finish it deserves.

    • To wash
    • Clay
    • To dry
    • 3-step polishing
    • Lacquer sealant
    • Waxing wheels
    • Tire treatment
    • Paint sealant
  • Optional surcharges

    Roof polishing: €150

    Polishing the back of the cabin: €150

    Alcoa deep cleaning: €40

    *Target prices are based on individual orders. We are happy to make a suitable price proposal for the polishing of entire fleets.

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